BIMA Brand Council Roundtable | The In-Housing Revolution?

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The Covid-19 crisis has shown more people can work from home successfully. This new model of literal in-housing could revolutionise how brands tap into skills and talent, using at-home editors, designers, copywriters, performance marketers etc. to advertise and communicate with customers in a more tailored, agile and efficient manner.

But is it realistic and viable? What would be the benefits and challenges? How would it work? Should the Brands Council lobby for such a new model? And could it facilitate it?

In this roundtable, we’ll summarise the views from the last session and continue the in-housing debate by focusing on the following:

What is the PoV of agencies on in-housing?

When it means different things to different people, how do we define in-housing?

Is a hybrid model between in-housing and agency partners the way forward?

Then, we’ll examine the (inevitable?) revolution of the in-housing model post-Covid.


At our first in-housing roundtable we touched upon the impact of Covid-19 and explored what the pandemic means for the traditional in-housing model. Then, we said we believed in-housing would take on a whole new, more literal meaning. We considered whether a new model will emerge, where marketing teams and organisations will go directly to specialist professionals working ‘in-house’ from their own homes.

It’s a model that could revolutionise how we tap into skills and talent. But should the Brands Council lobby for such a new model?

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Tue, 09 Jun 2020
09:00 - 10:00


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