An Audience With: Martha Lane Fox CBE, Responsible Tech and the New Normal

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Now more than ever, we need to look again at the way we build products and services. Systems change is critical and has been at the core of Martha Lane Fox’s work with doteveryone for the past 5 years. But the current crisis has forced change at pace, and some of those changes may not be undone once the pandemic is over.

In this online session, Martha will explain what led her to find doteveryone. She’ll explain why systems change is critical, and she will talk about what she is learning from Twitter, Chanel, Parliament and Doteveryone . In light of the ongoing outbreak, she will examine:

1. 3 essential areas we should be focusing on when building products and services

2. How COVID-19 has changed her perspective on this work

3. The behavioural changes likely to stay post-pandemic

4. The potential for technology in the near future and its ability to affect everyday life


At her Dimbleby Lecture in 2015, Martha Lane Fox called for a new organisation to help us shape our digital world and navigate the moral and ethical issues it presents. Then she founded it.

Doteveryone has one guiding principle: to see a world where responsible technology is the new normal. In the years since, the think tank has led the charge on explaining why systems change is critical. In light of the current crisis, that need has been thrown into even sharper focus.

This is the latest in BIMA’s An Audience With… series. In combination with our many other recent online events, it forms part of a programme designed to help business leaders use the current crisis as an opportunity to look again at the way they work, and make the changes that will help them survive and thrive in the business landscape that follows COVID-19.


As co-founder of, Baroness Martha Lane Fox became the figurehead of the dotcom boom of the 1990s. In the years since she has founded doteveryone, the thinktank championing responsible tech, and became the youngest woman in the House of Lords. She sits on the boards of Chanel and the Donmar Warehouse and, for almost a decade, has been a member of the board of advisors to the Government Digital Service.

In 2019 she was named ‘most influential woman in digital in the last 25 years’ at the 2019 Dada Awards. And in 2012, she was one of the first inductees into the BIMA Hall of Fame.

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Thu, 30 Apr 2020
18:30 - 19:20




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