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BIMA #Ai Think Tank
By Pete Trainor, 1 Apr 2017
Tutorial: How to use Google Tag Manager & Event Tracking to set up Conversions
By Lawrence Dudley, 16 Aug 2017
In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to combine Google Tag Manager and Events Tracking to set up Conversion Tracking, offering a new level of insight for your websites and simultaneously freeing up development resources. There are ...
How hacking can damage your company’s reputation
By Simon Wadsworth, 19 Jan 2016
With cyber-criminals on the rise over the years, as we move into 2016 it is only becoming more important to protect your business from the damage a hack could inflict. Not only could it seriously harm your reputation, it could seriously ...
BIMA Awards 2017 Shortlist Announced
By Sophie Bampton, 24 Jul 2017

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New Red Badger Design School
By Andrea Moore, 12 Jan 2018
Marmite TasteFace
By Anna Vaindirlis-brak, 14 Dec 2017
How Uber’s CEO could have saved $10 billion and his job.
By Katz Kiely, 28 Sep 2017
The vast majority of people are working in jobs they really don’t care about. Stress levels are sky high. Levels of trust are lower than ever before. And the stats backing it up are everywhere. Employee disengagement is a growing ...
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