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10 Common Content Marketing Mistakes
By Lawrence Dudley, 15 Sep 2017
8 Benefits of Content Marketing
By Lawrence Dudley, 15 Sep 2017
User Experience: What, How & Why?
By Lawrence Dudley, 14 Sep 2017
User experience is understanding how users interact with a website or application on a deeper level; by analysing this behaviour and adapting your website or app accordingly, you can create the best experience for them.When considering ...
How to Get Bloggers to Market Your Product
By Lawrence Dudley, 14 Sep 2017
2017 is a year like no other. Young people are no longer watching television, almost everyone is facing smart-phone addiction and very few people still pick up the paper.This has given rise to the ever-powerful blogger, who millions ...
BIMA Awards 2017 Shortlist Announced
By Sophie Bampton, 24 Jul 2017
BIMA Awards 2017 party BIMA Awards 2016
By Bridget Beale, 19 Sep 2016
One and All - a virtual coastal tour around Britain
By Tom Barker, 11 Feb 2016
One and All began life in the creative mind of Ben Wigley,borneof a desire to create a virtual coastal experience that is inspired by the sea and some of Britain's most beautiful coastlines. When colleagues at The National Trust expressed ...
35% Of UK Employees Wont Be 'Friends' With Their Managers On Facebook, Study Reveals
By Simon Wadsworth, 23 Nov 2015
A study into the blurring linesofpersonal and professional social media use has found that 35% of UK employees admitted they wouldn't accept their manager as a ‘friend' on Facebook. The research – conducted on over 1,000 ...
The origin of Agile marketing
By Jim Bowes, 09 Nov 2015
Exploring the history of Agile in only seven minutes for BIMA's recent Breakfast event 'The Art of Agile Marketing' was both a challenge and a delight. 30 seconds per slide wasn't quite enough to present the full story of Agile's rise ...
WCRS wins Grand Prix at the BIMA Awards celebrations!
By Bridget Beale, 18 Sep 2015
Last night BIMA celebrated the 31stBIMA Awards, with the title of Grand Prix awarded to WCRS for its campaign for Women's Aid. This year, for the first time, BIMA also awarded a trophy for 'Brand of the Year', with Always (P&G) ...
BIMA confirms Norman Jay MBE and Normski for 2015 BIMA Awards party
By Sophie Bampton, 02 Sep 2015
BIMA are thrilled to announce that Norman Jay MBE will play a headline set at theBIMA Awards, in association with Workfront. Jay is the co-founder of the Good Times Sound System, famous for playing funk, soul and disco at Notting Hill ...
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