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19 Nov 2019
North West
Tech Incubator, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED

Join Apadmi and MSP for an evening all about digital healthcare, considering how tech can unlock the potential of data, and transform businesses in this sector

Apadmi is a mobile technology company that works with clients of all sizes to help them realise how and where to use mobile to transform their business. Since 2016, they've been working with the NHS to do just that, initially developing a tablet-based app that digitised paperwork, improved efficiency, saved hundreds of nurse hours - and most importantly saved lives. Now, they're working on the next stage of their digital transformation, utilising the rich data that's become available to them. Hear the inside story from the NHS team, and find out how other organisations are using data to improve healthcare.

Event speakers

Cat Jones, Product Manager at Apadmi, has extensive experience in the tech sector. Previously the owner of a mobile solutions start-up agency, she now works with Apadmi’s most high-profile clients, helping them to identify innovative solutions that will address their most prevalent company issues and Laura Ellis-Morgan, formerly a Specialist Nurse within NHSBT, Laura's move into the tech world provided a unique insight into the DonorPath project, which has helped save lives in a new way. Together, the duo will be discussing the journey from the perspective of the NHS and Apadmi , highlighting the challenges faced, the benefits the NHS nursing teams have seen since implementation, and what's next for their data-driven transformation.

Chris Isaacs, Director of Connected Diagnostics, is a senior product & services professional with 20 years’ experience in managing all aspects of technical and business operations across healthcare and ICT sectors. Chris has more than nine years of experience in connected diagnostics and eHealth solutions and is passionate about the benefits these bring to challenge areas in global health and infectious diseases. He will be discussing how the collection and usage of health data, in low to middle income countries is helping to control infectious diseases and manage outbreaks

Marie Kane, Director of Corporate Strategy & Deputy CEO of NWeH - world leaders in the innovative and trustworthy use of routinely collected healthcare data for clinical trials. Marie has a wealth of experience in both Higher Education and the NHS having worked in web services, institutional change projects, knowledge management and research - talk to be announced shortly.

Amanda Lamb is the Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the award-winning Connected Health Cities (CHC), a global programme for the implementation of Learning Health Systems to unlock the transformational power of data. Recently added to the Northern Power Women Future list, she has worked for nearly 20 years across the Life Science and Healthcare sectors. A founding member of the UK’s leading Health Informatics academic group, and co-creator of #DataSavesLives and the CHC Method, she has driven cultural change across pan-disciplinary, multi-organisational systems to deliver real impact for patients - talk to be announced shortly.

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When: Tue, 19 November 2019, 17:30 – 20:30 GMT

Where: Tech Incubator, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED

Posted by Apadmi

We’re experts in the entire mobile ecosystem. We work with clients of all sizes to understand how and where to use mobile in their organisation to improve their operations – and we deliver the complete solutions needed to make it happen. We’re a team of thinkers, developers, designers, UX-ers and inventors who are continuously looking for ways to improve things. Our clients include Argos, United Utilities, the BBC, Co-op, NHS, Guardian, Lexus, Range Rover and SailGP. But mobile changes fast, which is why we have to stay ahead. Apadmi Labs, our research and development arm, is committed to continually looking for new ways to improve and deliver new solutions in technology and data, for ourselves and for our clients. Apadmi Ventures, our investment arm, is a strategic technical partner and investor to highly-scalable start-ups. Our view is that great technology won’t guarantee business success, but bad technology will guarantee failure, so we provide technology direction and delivery, as well as boardroom advice and support to accelerate growth. To date, we’ve worked with 9 market-disrupting companies.

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