BIMA Senior UX Meet Up | Liverpool


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13 Jun 2019
North West
The Plaza

Strategy & Experience Design in your business - to build or to buy?

A new gathering of senior digital professionals from around the North West digital industry. Less PowerPoint and Pizza, more facilitated discussion of the hotter topics within our industry - things we all, as leaders in our field, are challenged to deal with on a daily basis. An event for people with informed opinions, who want to bring and express something in an open debate and leave with new ideas, perspectives and insights. This first one will be an after-work event, but we're still experimenting with format and timing - each event will be a guide for the next event.

More and more organisations are recognising the value of having a design capability at the heart of their business. From strategic to executional impact, covering services, products, brand, process and people, many of us are wrestling with the challenge of integrating design methods and skills into our operations. One of the more complicated elements of this discussion is how to acquire, integrate and sustain such services within your business. Do you stick the conventional approach of an external agency? Or do you take the plunge and build in-house capability, If so, how - the in-house agency, the integrated delivery team? How do you provide executional capacity whilst safeguarding thinking time and sustaining a truly strategic perspective. This first of our new events for senior digital professionals aims to explore this subject from the perspective of people who have been there and done that.

Our first session will be run by Matt Clark, Deloitte Digital and Kate Rylance, Shop Direct.

This event is by invite only and a password is needed to sign up. If you’d like to know more and wish to attend please email louisefinch@bima.co.uk to express your interest.

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The Plaza

100 Old Hall Street


L3 9QJ

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