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2019 Keynote Speakers

Say hello to our first keynotes. We will be adding more every day, week...

From big picture insight to hands-on practicality, you’ll find expert speakers of every type at BIMA Conference. From Space to Politics, Ai and AR to IoT, Voice, CS and more, join them for thought provoking speeches and practical masterclasses. Your speakers are…

Cindy Rose, Microsoft UK

Cindy Rose, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft UK

Cindy Rose is Microsoft UK CEO & Corporate Vice President. She is responsible for all Microsoft’s product, service and support offerings across the UK, continuing the company’s transformation into the leading productivity and platform company for the mobile-first, cloud-first era.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Cindy led Vodafone’s retail expansion from 350 to over 500 stores and returned the business to growth after 12 consecutive quarters of revenue decline. Before Vodafone, she was Executive Director of Digital Entertainment at Virgin Media.

Until 2019, Cindy was a Non-Executive Director for Informa plc, a FTSE 100 business information, academic publishing and events company. In 2019, she was appointed Non-Executive Director of advertising and media giant WPP. She is a graduate of Columbia University and New York Law School.






Anita Sengupta, ASX

Dr Anita Sengupta, Co - Founder & CPO, Airspace Experience Technologies

Dr Sengupta is an aerospace engineer, rocket scientist, pilot, and veteran of the space programme. In 16 years at NASA her engineering projects included developing the ion propulsion system for the Dawn Mission, the supersonic parachute that landed the Curiosity rover on Mars, and the Cold Atom Lab on board the ISS. 

After leaving NASA she was senior vice presidenr of Virgin Hyperloop, a technology to enable ground travel in excess of airline speeds, and is now Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX) where she is developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for urban air mobility and sustainable aviation.

Dr Sengupta is a Research Associate Professor of Astronautics and Space Technology at the University of Southern California.    



Anita Sengupta

Eleanor Watson, Singularity University

Nell Watson - Futurist and AI, Technology Speaker

Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson is a Machine Intelligence engineer who grew up in Northern Ireland.

She helped pioneer Deep Machine Vision at her company QuantaCorp, which enables fast and accurate body measurement from two photos. Later she taught these techniques to others as author of Machine Intelligence coursebooks for O’Reilly Media.

Nell is Vice-Chairman of the IEEE P7001 Committee creating new safety standards for autonomous systems, and is Co-Founder and Chairman of, a community teaching pro-social behaviours to machines. She serves as a Senior Scientific Advisor to The Future Society at Harvard and holds Fellowships with the British Computing Society and Royal Statistical Society.



Al Morris

Jamie Bartlett, Author

 Jamie Bartlett, Author of The Dark Net

Jamie Bartlett is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost experts, analysing the intersection between technology and politics. In his bestseller, The Dark Net, he documented the rise of Internet-enabled subcultures that were often as illegal or dangerous as they were innovative.

In his latest book, The People Vs Tech, he shows us how technology is undermining democracies around the world but also, more importantly, what we can do to stop this dangerous trend. He's a Senior Fellow at Demos and led the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media for a decade. His TED Talk on the dark web has garnered over 5 million views.

Jamie Bartlett

Paul Mason

Paul Mason, Journalist, Writer and Film-Maker

A journalist, writer and film-maker, Paul speaks regularly to professional audiences about the impact of IT on the economy and society. 

His latest book Clear Bright Future: A Radical Defence of the Human Being explores the challenges posed by the current crisis of democracy and the coming challenge of intelligent machines. 

As economics editor at BBC Newsnight and Channel 4 News, Paul won numerous awards and plaudits. In 2016 he quit public service TV journalism to escape its impartiality constraints. He now writes a weekly column for the New Statesman, contributes to the Guardian, and is a frequent guest on BBC Newsnight, DemocracyNow! BBC Politics Live and BBC Question Time.


Max Amordeluso, Amazon Alexa

Max Amordeluso, Lead Evangelist for Amazon Alexa in Europe

Max is the Lead Evangelist for Amazon Alexa in Europe. His main mission is to introduce Alexa to European developers and demonstrate how they can build natural and delightful voice experiences for customers.

Max has held several technical leadership roles during a career spanning over 18 years—prior to his current role he led the teams that brought Alexa Skills Kit to United Kingdom and Germany, and spent the previous two years leading the Solutions Architects team for Amazon Web Services in Europe. Max is passionate about topics including Human Computer Interaction, the Internet of Things and the materialization of science fiction predictions.

Max Amordeluso

Richard Nockles

Richard Nockles, Creative Director, Sky VR 

Richard Nockles has been at the cutting edge of VR innovation for the last eight years. His company Surround Vision, based in London, produces award winning VR content for a wide range of devices and platforms across documentary and drama formats. Currently seconded as VR Creative Director at Sky VR studios, Richard has helped shape and accelerate the output for their in-house production unit. 
Richard made the move to filmmaking in 2003, producing a slate of drama and documentaries that were distributed globally. Now focussed exclusively in immersive technologies he sees the blend of gaming and entertainment as the perfect opportunity to craft a new style of storytelling.  
Surround Vision are one of the original specialist production companies and have a number of home grown directors and producers who have shaped a house style which integrates motion techniques to elevate audience engagement in VR. The company have produced documentary films for Google, the UN, SKY, BBC, Channel 4 and developed VR apps for a number of platforms and devices.




Alexandra Willis

Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content and Digital, The Championships, Wimbledon 

Alexandra has achieved industry-wide recognition in her use of technology to transform the perceptions of a traditional brand in her role at Wimbledon, building an award-winning digital and communications strategy that is at the heart of the long-term future of the brand. Through the combination of a content-first, platform second approach, a data-led audience strategy, and placing value on consistent innovation as well as continuous evolution, Alexandra has led Wimbledon to become one of the most well-respected digital brands in sport.  

She was named one of the BIMA 100 2018, Drum Digerati 2018 & 2017, Sports Technology Young Exec of the Year 2017, and Leaders Under 40 and Sport Industry NextGen Classes of 2016.  

She has an MA in History from Oxford University and an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School. 


Phil Stuart

Phil Stuart, Founder & Creative Director, PRELOADED 

Phil is founder and Creative Director of BAFTA-winning game studio PRELOADED. Since 2000 he has worked with game-based technologies to create playful, purposeful experiences for adults, young people and kids.

Over the past 18 months he has focussed on bringing purpose to immersive platforms; working with WITHIN on their voice-based AR story platform, exploring accessibility in AR with BBC R&D and partnering with VIVE Arts and Google VR on landmark factual experiences. Currently he is working with Magic Leap on a new MR educational experience.

Outside of PRELOADED he sits on BAFTA’s Games committee and BIMA’s Immersive Council. In 2019 he also gave his first TEDx talk: ‘Games with Purpose - a manifesto for the role of games beyond entertainment’.


Sol Rogers

Sol Rogers, CEO & Founder, Rewind 

Sol Rogers is the CEO and founder of REWIND. The company uses new technologies to deliver immersive (VR/AR/MR) solutions for the world’s largest companies, agencies, and brands.

Sol is also the Chairman of the BAFTA Immersive Entertainment Advisory Group and the Chairman of Immerse UK, the first nation-wide network for immersive companies. Sol's leadership of REWIND and his respected position within the industry sees him regularly speaking at international events, quoted in the media, and appearing on TV.

Prior to founding REWIND, Sol was a senior university lecturer for 15 years in digital animation, VFX and emerging technology. Teaching over 1,300 students, writing four degrees, two masters and supervising PHDs during his tenure.


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