Introducing the Age of AI

7 Nov 2019

Posted by Rachel Johnson

BIMA is working with Microsoft to help more companies get up to speed with AI, fast.

AI is changing our industry. Through the tech and digital sectors, AI is set to change every industry. And when organisations of every size decide it’s time to explore how AI could benefit them, we’re here to help.

So if you’re not already a leader in AI, there’s every chance you’ll need to be – and that means more than simply being able to understand the tech. It means being able to approach AI strategically, culturally and responsibly.

The Age of AI

That’s why we’re launching a new series of Thought leadership. Masterclasses, Breakfast Briefings and Roundtables in collaboration with Microsoft, which will combine to give a 360° perspective of AI.

The Age of AI sessions are designed for organisations still in the foothills of getting to grips with AI. But they’re also for businesses who may feel that whilst they have a fully formed offering in one aspect of AI, they want to augment that capability with a broader perspective.

The first of those events is open for registration now, and it explores how to build an AI-ready culture.

Book here.

December dates in London, Liverpool and Bristol to follow. 

How AI-ready are you?

In addition to the BIMA/Microsoft events, Microsoft’s comprehensive AI Business School provides lots of practical guidance for organisations looking to strategically apply AI.

As a starting point, can we suggest you sign up to take the AI Readiness Assessment, to find out where you currently sit on the “readiness spectrum”?

And to explore more about harnessing the potential of AI – and doing it ethically – read Microsoft’s 2018 report, Maximising the AI Opportunity

BIMA & Microsoft

The Age of AI is far from the first time BIMA and Microsoft have worked together. Our ongoing partnership has already produced a nationwide series of masterclasses, collaborations between Microsoft and BIMA members and, of course, Microsoft UK CEO Cindy Rose opened this year’s BIMA Conference.

We’re looking forward to many more collaborations, and we’ll be publishing details of the next Age of AI events soon.  

Useful Links:

AI Business School 

AI Readiness Assessment

Maximising the AI Opportunity - Report

Rachel Johnson
Posted by Rachel Johnson

Rachel has recently joined BIMA having worked for more than 20 years in the world of Marketing. Rachel has many impressive client, charity and agency-side results to her credit and stories to tell. As both a team player and independent advisor, Rachel loves to see the bigger picture and is a strong strategic thinker. She has led ambitious projects for start-ups, worked alongside growing businesses and has been fortunate to work with some of the UK’s most respected and renowned agencies. A self-motivated original thinker, Rachel is also an extremely able marketer. She brings out the best in people at all levels. Her wealth of transferable skills includes project management – often with direct budgetary control - results-driven commercial awareness, proven networking strengths, digital marketing expertise and broad IT literacy. However, her achievements do not end there! In her spare time, she makes full-use of her Cumbrian home-town environment, walking, biking and running, and spending time as an enthusiastic side-line rugby and football mum for her two boys – Louie and Harley.

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