Sagittarius Supports Charitable Trust Re-Boot for Baxi UK

6 Sep 2019

Posted by Chantel Piper

Earlier this year, client Baxi Heating approached us with a request to support a charitable cause and help them redesign a section of their website which is dedicated to making a difference in local communities - and as part of our commitment to social responsibility, Sagittarius supported this project free of charge.

Baxi Heating UK is part of the Netherlands based BDR Thermea Group, specialising in commercial and domestic heating and hot water solutions.

The Charitable Trust is an initiative that was launched by Baxi in August 2017 established to support local charity organisations with funds collected from a range of sponsored events and fundraising activities!

Baxi wanted to dramatically reduce time utilised on admin management, streamline the user experience within the charitable trust section of the website.

As part of this initiative we’ve redesigned the Charitable Trust page, giving greater definition to the different content areas within the page, visitors are clearly taken through what the trust is, what it’s for and how it works finishing with a carousel of case studies. The user is then directed to a form which allows them to apply for funding using a form that can be completed in real-time without the need to leave the webpage.

“It was great to be able to support the Baxi Charitable Trust and revamp the section of the site and application form. We have a great relationship with Baxi and when they asked if we could support with our time and expertise to improve the user experience and relaunch the Charitable Trust online presence, how could we say no! It’s great to be able to give something back and the team at Sagittarius were happy to be involved in this free of charge project. I look forward to hearing how the changes have benefited the Trust.” Joint CEO at Sagittarius, Nick Towers.

“Sagittarius has successfully bought the Baxi Charitable Trust into the 21st century! I think it gives the Trust a more professional and sleek look; the old form was out-dated and involved a lot of work for both the user and the team at Baxi. Now the team can take the data and use it instantly for what they need to do!” - Maureen Tallis from Baxi Heating UK

This blog was originally posted by Sagittarius on 3rd September 2019.

Chantel Piper
Posted by Chantel Piper

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