Neurodivergence and the Technology Industry | BIMA Breakfast Briefing  

2 Jul 2019

Posted by Anthony Boyle

At this Breakfast Briefing, Neurodivergence and the Technology Industry, we examined the results of BIMA's Tech Inclusion & Diversity Report and discussed with experts how we can retain, celebrate and empower Neurodivergent individuals. Neurodivergent individuals are what makes the Digital and Tech Industry brilliant, now let's make the Digital and Tech Industry brilliant for all.

Event Speakers

Nadya Powell, Co-Founder at Utopia, Chair of BIMA Diversity & Inclusion Council

Nadya is Chair of BIMA's Diversity Council and also Chair of Awards. She is on a mission to deliver business change by harnessing the power of creative thinking. As the co-founder of Utopia, she is doing exactly that - Utopia is a culture change consultancy that 'Re-wires Business for Age of Creativity'. Nadya is also the co-founder of Innovation Social which is an affiliation of innovation leaders from agency, brand and startup worlds who believe that innovation will disrupt UK business for the better. Additionally, she co-founded two Diversity networks and initiatives: which seeks to drive diversity in communications; which drives global media attention to the lack of diverse imagery in communications. In addition to her seat on BIMA's central council, Nadya is on the Advisory Council of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and this year was a judge for the Cannes Innovation Lions.

Lucy Hobbs, Founder of The Future is ND

For two decades Lucy has worked as a creative for some of London’s best-known agencies. In 2007 she was identified as having ADHD, which helped make sense of both her challenges and her natural creative ability. Last year she founded The Future is ND, a platform to champion and celebrate neurodiversity in the creative and tech industries. She holds regular speaking events for the neurodiverse community to share their achievements and challenges and to empower each other to turn up as themselves.

Alex Loveless, Freelance Data Scientist

Alex splits his time between being a Freelance Data Scientist, and an artist. With over 15 years of experience in the analytical arena, he has worked in various companies in industries as diverse as telecoms, travel, pharmaceutical and e-commerce. As an artist, Alex makes pictures of people from popular culture and creates cultural narratives that illustrate his world view using paint and collage. Alex was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago and has since become a highly active and vocal member of the London and UK neurodiversity community.

Anthony Boyle
Posted by Anthony Boyle

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