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1 Jul 2019

Posted by Anthony Boyle

We sat down with the Liverpool based design agency to chat about their year so far and the benefits of Liverpool's BIMA Community. 

Briefly, tell us about a typical day – or – tell us about something interesting/unusual/fantastic that happened this week

Today we found out that Scout, a creative tech prototype which we developed as a solution to bringing back trust in the smart home, has been selected as an honourable mention by Fast Company in the Experimental category for their 2019 World Changing Awards. It's great to see the team's hard work recognised - especially by a well-respected publication at the global level. Later this afternoon, I’m attending a BIMA talk here in Liverpool with Bruce Daisley that I'm really looking forward to.

What do you love most about what you do?

Building a great business… the constant shift of focus and balance between delivering great work for our clients that pushes creativity and innovation, developing and protecting the culture we’ve created over the last 20 years, and building a commercially successful, and continually evolving, business.

What’s the best thing about being a BIMA member?

Opportunities to take the team to a session like ‘The Joy of Work’ this afternoon are really valuable. Culture is critical to our success at Uniform - so hopefully we’ll hear some great insights and bring back some new ways of working!

What difference has BIMA membership made to you/your business?

Engagement with the wider community is really valuable. In this industry we so often stay within our four walls, not only competing against each other for clients and projects, but just caught up in the day to day of running a business. BIMA gives its members a chance to put our heads together, and to learn and evolve in a fast-changing industry together.

Read more about Uniform and the amazing things they are doing to define the future of brands here.

Anthony Boyle
Posted by Anthony Boyle

Love people, positive vibes, and creating. In charge of making sure our BIMA members are at the paramount of everything we do both with our events and in-between​!

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