#RecklessResearch - Social Media Influencer results are in!

15 Apr 2019

Posted by Callie James

As an agency, we see various stats that sometimes really do just make us scratch our head and pause for thought. We spend many hours, days and weeks scouring the internet to obtain certain data to support our client’s campaigns…so following on from one of our questions of ‘what’s your challenge’, we have set ourselves our own. We are going to find the answers to some of the most challenging questions in digital marketing.

We are creating questions and letting you, along with other marketers, provide your answers or opinions. Not only that but you will then get to see how others have answered too.

What’s the latest from Reckless Research?

Following the release of our first online interactive survey on Social Media Influencers, the results are now in.

You can download our results Ebook by heading over the #RecklessResearch page here

Callie James
Posted by Callie James

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