Bridging the Customer Experience Gap

30 Apr 2019

Posted by Ricky Wallace

The Bridging the Customer Experience Gap report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Zone and Cognizant, explores the extent to which companies are meeting consumer expectations.

Based on surveys of both consumers and businesses, each with more than 1,000 respondents, the study is the most authoritative state-of-the-nation assessment of how well companies are delivering when it comes to customer experience.

The research highlights six fundamental areas in which businesses need to improve if they are to successfully deliver against customer needs, close the gap between themselves and competitors, and eradicate the gulf that exists internally between what should be – and is currently – delivered to consumers.


This UK-focused research is based primarily on surveys of both business professionals and consumers.

There were 1,019 respondents to our business survey which was fielded online during July and August 2018. All respondents work client-side for brands, predominantly in the marketing function (69% of the sample), but also in other parts of the business, including customer service (15%) and customer insight (7%).

The consumer survey was carried out in July 2018. Some 1,200 consumers were surveyed in total, with six cohorts of 200 consumers separately asked the same questions about customer experience in the context of high-street retail, banking, utilities, mobile phone operators, insurance or private healthcare. The sample is nationally representative of the UK adult population in terms of gender and age.

Consumers were asked to name a brand they had dealt with online during the previous six months, and then answered questions based on their experiences with their chosen brand.

As part of our statistical analysis of the survey data, multiple regression was used to model the impact of each attribute of the consumer experience with overall online customer experience satisfaction. The regression model isolates the unique impact of each attribute, thus allowing us to determine which attributes are the most important at driving a positive online customer experience.

As well as carrying out business and consumer surveys, we conducted a number of interviews with senior executives in a variety of senior roles at a range of companies

You can download the report here:

Ricky Wallace
Posted by Ricky Wallace

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