We’ve just launched our new TechLab_Report 19 - our view on what matters in tech

19 Feb 2019

Posted by Nathalie Goepel

We’re excited to share our new Techlab_Report 19. Get set for what's next in tech.

Everything you’ll read in our report is authored by experts right across our teams and is based on the first-hand experience with our clients.

It’s your essential reading on what matters right now and what to look out for in the future. The report focuses on how to maximise impact for your business and its customers through technology.

The report explores the following four themes

1. Common problem areas
Read about problems that many of our clients come to us with, along with our insights on how to set things right.

2. Our specialisms
Our core specialisms have evolved out of the needs we’ve seen in countless businesses over the years. Dive in to find out how we can use our core strengths to devise solutions tailored to your organisation.

3. Tools and technology
We’re always trying out new tools and technology, so we can help our clients make the right choices for their businesses. Explore a few that we are particularly excited about, see what makes them interesting, and why we think they might be useful in solving client problems.

4. Our engineering principles
Explore the guiding principles that underpin all our engineering decisions and discover how these help us deliver insight, direction and support to our clients and their customers.

Change is constant, and its pace is accelerating. This report equips you with the knowledge, insights, and principles your business will need. Get ready for what’s next. Explore the report here.

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Nathalie Goepel
Posted by Nathalie Goepel

I work in the marketing team to further develop Red Badger's brand awareness. Enthusiastic about brands and coming from a design background, I love nothing more than helping Red Badger reveal its great and honest brand story. I'm proud to be working in a creative team that shares my passion and understanding of delivering value to the customer and brand impact.

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