7 Ways Personalisation Will Boost Your Marketing

8 Nov 2018

Posted by Nicki Mackin

We are in the content age. We are bombarded by brands creating and curating content on a daily basis. Marketers focus on creating engaging content, to better connect with (and convert) customers. By creating something truly unique, there is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

A couple of years ago, everyone said the same thing about personalisation. Highly targeted personalisation is a core part of the customer experience. Yet, more than a third (38%) of businesses are not offering any personalisation. Others are struggling to realise it in an intelligent and scalable way.

When a brand offers a personal experience, the customer is more likely to engage and convert. Personalisation is powerful and offers many benefits for your brand. In this blog, we look at why you need personalisation as part of your strategy:

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7 Ways Personalisation Will Boost Your Marketing

We know that personalisation has moved beyond the basics. 

It offers a range of tangible benefits that can successfully impact sales growth. It has the power to increase conversion rates, average order value and customer lifetime value. For marketing teams, it enables more effective use of budget and delivers improved ROI.

For this reason, implementing next level personalisation is a business priority.

This article was originally published at on 1 November 2018. Read the full article here

Relativity Intelligent Marketing help businesses to identify and connect with their most valuable customers, through data management, customer strategies and analytics. 

Nicki Mackin
Posted by Nicki Mackin

Relativity are a specialist marketing and data management consultancy. We use insight, creativity and technology to increase customer acquisition, deepen relationships and drive commercial growth. We know that every client’s situation is different. We recognise the importance of transparency and being able to manage your own data internally. Plus, we’re agile – so we can adopt the best approach to achieve your desired results. We design bespoke client programmes; covering data profiling and data management, customer strategies, cross-media campaigns and all aspects of systems development and integration. We support clients with print and direct mail campaigns and ensure they receive the best postal services. This includes any postage incentive schemes and maximises ROI for each campaign, whether ad hoc or long-term customer journeys. Our focus is to help clients to optimise campaigns and drive growth.

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