Karmarama Launch ‘Brand Nirvana: Closing the Human Experience Gap’ Research

12 Oct 2018

Posted by Isabella Gelston

Have you noticed that the world is obsessed with the customer? The customer is always right. Customer is king. Customer service. Customer journey. Customer-centricity. And, of course, ‘the customer experience’, any self-respecting company’s number one priority.

It all comes from a good place. Everyone’s trying to do their best for the people who buy their products, use their services and consume their content. But perhaps everyone’s got it wrong. Perhaps this relentless focus on the c-word has lost sight of what’s behind it – a human.

The research has been designed to guide you through the eight steps to enlightenment, so you can elevate your thinking, your brand and its performance…because the customer is dead, so long live the human being. You can download a copy of Brand Nirvana: Closing the Human Experience Gap here

“Getting down to brass tacks, people want brands to treat them like humans. And humans need to feel that something is worth buying or interacting with. If brands can bring together these rational and emotional reasons to buy, they stand a chance of becoming more than a seller and start to play a more meaningful role in their audience’s lives.” – Sid McGrath, Chief Strategy Officer for Karmarama

If you want to hear more about HX, and how you could apply human experience thinking to your brand – download the full report here or please get in touch at

Isabella Gelston
Posted by Isabella Gelston

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