Google Premier Partners Awards 2018

3 Sep 2018

Posted by Roxana Humelnicu

Team Hallam has been short-listed for two Google Premier Partners Awards, demonstrating excellence in Google Shopping and Display innovation.

Google Premier Partner: Shopping Innovation Award

Our Head of Insights, Jonathan Ellins, is nominated for his innovative Google Shopping campaign he delivered for a leading fashion retailer.

Jonny’s specialist expertise is in marketing automation, and he developed three specific types of scripts that leveraged data about product stock levels, automated campaign generation, and query filtering.

Jonny is generous in sharing his pay per click marketing expertise in his articles he publishes on our blog. In particular, if you would like to know more about this award, then this formula will unlock the secrets to his success:

Google Premier Partner: Display Innovation Award

Our Head of Paid Media, Owen Gill, is shortlisted for his innovative work using the Display Network for our client Roof Maker.

Roof Maker has ambitious growth targets, and our research indicated the Display Network had the highest growth potential. Our work with Roof Maker was also shortlisted for an award last year. For this year we were working to further expand the reach, targeting and assets used in order to generate leads below an agreed Cost Per Acquisition (CPA.)

Overall, in 2018 we increased leads by 232% whilst maintaining the cost per lead at a level significantly below the target CPA.

About the Google Premier Partner Awards

Ben Wood, Marketing Services Director; Jonathan Ellins, Head of Insights; Owen Gill, Head of Paid Media at Hallam Internet 

Ben Wood, Marketing Services Director; Jonathan Ellins, Head of Insights; Owen Gill, Head of Paid Media at Hallam Internet 

These awards recognise the achievements of the very best digital marketing agencies and providers across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMEA).

We believe at Hallam that every PPC campaign can be improved further and there should be a never-ending process of refinement to keep pushing profitability higher. These award nominations celebrate our success in developing innovative campaigns for our clients.

We are exceptionally pleased to see our work as a Google Premier Partner recognised again for the second year running, with nominations in two of the six award categories.

The six winners from EMEA will be announced at Google’s award ceremony in Dublin, Ireland, this October.

Roxana Humelnicu
Posted by Roxana Humelnicu

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