18 Jul 2018

Posted by Dan Willis

Agencies: They have post it’s. And ping pong tables. And thick rimmed glasses. But everyone knows an agency these days isn’t complete without the key member of the board:  The Agency Dog.

It got us thinking, is having a dog more than just fuzzy snuggles and sniffy cuddles? Can we learn a thing or two about our canine companions?

Think about it; would it not be easier if we all behaved more like mans best friend? The loyalty, friendship, and (to a lot of dog owners) council… the benefits sound amazing!

Unfortunately, when it comes to being a business owner, it probably isn’t the best mantra.

The reason why, think of the short sighted nature of a dog… Chasing it’s tail, it wants to catch it, bite it… But does not know the almightiest yelp will be sounded directly after biting it.

Similarly, with a lot of business owners, if you don’t look up and plan your next steps (as opposed to just chasing your own tail), it will likely end in, quite literally, biting you in the ass!

To me, the pack mentality of a dog is something that needs to be brought more into business communities; always striving to help the group succeed. However, on this occasion, when in a leadership position, focus and plan how to drive your business growth… not just going round in circles doing the same repetitive acts, and getting nowhere.

So, when looking at your crazy canine companion chasing its tail; don’t do it. Instead, plan, strategise and action what you want to achieve.

Go get it… go for it… fetch!


Dan - -

Dan Willis
Posted by Dan Willis

Dan runs brand strategy agency, Why Digital, where he works with Business Owners and Senior Management to find their purpose. As a successful Brand Marketer, he has gained specialist knowledge within in the digital industry by improving customer experiences with numerous leading charities, digital agencies and notable brands such as Cancer Research UK, B&Q, RNLI, Jimmy's Iced Coffee, Unilever and Cisco.

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