Making the most of a content treasure trove with machine learning

25 Jul 2018

Posted by Huw Waters

A professional services firm recently came to Codehouse with an interesting problem – the fantastic content that their in-house experts produced was getting lost across their many websites.

Two questions immediately came to mind:

1. How could we meaningfully bring together the disparate pools of content from all of the firm's different websites?

2. How could we drive powerful content recommendations to their existing and potential future clients across different marketing channels?

To approach the challenge, we worked turned to machine learning.

Learn how combining the latest machine learning techniques with best-in-breed digital marketing tools can elevate your content marketing...

Huw Waters
Posted by Huw Waters

Marketing man at Codehouse. Also been at Panasonic, Motorola, British Airways, Whirlpool, Treasury Wine Estates, Capita, and agency-side with LAB.

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