We need more bad burgers! - and this was mine.

27 Jun 2018

Posted by Dan Willis

I attended an event yesterday hosted at the Humans Behaving Badly BIMA Breakfast event with Lab. Of all the experience and insight taken onboard, one thing resonated incredibly well for me.

Teodora Mişcov, her talk was around the fact that everyone needs to eat more bad burgers… She spoke of a story of when a dope fuelled Robert Downey Jr decided to stop at Burger King for a burger. The actor, who had been publicly plagued by drug problems throughout his career, at that moment had an epiphany. One which changed his life for the good. Read it here if you fancy.

What resonated so well with me with the story was I, 3 years ago, was in a similar situation. But in my story, that burger experience, that life changing event that took place, was the birth of my son.

What that moment brought into my life was something that I had never had before… pure selfless purpose.

It led me to leave the agency I was working for and subsequently start Why. To create something that my boy would be proud of me to grow as he grew.

For anyone else who has had that moment of clarity; whether it involved getting clean, leaving your career to start something yourself, I hope you read this with a smile. For those that are yet to have that bad burger experience, I look forward to hearing about it when it happens.


Dan - -

Dan Willis
Posted by Dan Willis

Dan runs brand strategy agency, Why Digital, where he works with Business Owners and Senior Management to find their purpose. As a successful Brand Marketer, he has gained specialist knowledge within in the digital industry by improving customer experiences with numerous leading charities, digital agencies and notable brands such as Cancer Research UK, B&Q, RNLI, Jimmy's Iced Coffee, Unilever and Cisco.

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