Parallax Launches New Website for edenYale

30 May 2018

Posted by Lawrence Dudley

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new website for edenYale, an invaluable company that specialises in assisting start-ups, agencies and other businesses develop their digital marketing.

With a solid, commercially driven, senior-status background, they’re known across the industry for providing useful guidance for businesses. As a result, they required a brand new website and visual design to communicate the breadth of the experience they provide. With a primary focus on educating their clients with their real-life knowledge to help their business commercially, they also needed a website to reflect the professional level of service they offer.

Planning everything out beforehand is crucial for developing any modern website, so we kicked everything off with an early branding consultation exercise to help them discover the kind of image they wanted to portray.

Covering all manner of services – including training, consultation, recruitment and strategy – edenYale create a scaffold of strategies to help agencies and marketing teams conduct business the right way. With that in mind, the design team here at Parallax aimed to develop a strong but simple website that left room for the best possible user experience.

“The interactions on their website bring out that extra layer edenYale offer on top of their training and consulting services.” Frazer continued. “Breaking the brand identity into its constituent shapes and folding them into the background was crucial for tying everything together. Additionally, the subtle parallax-scroll and buttons that change dimensions on hover help reinforce the brand’s image as well as creating enjoyable and strong interactions.”

Whenever websites are designed and developed, there are huge benefits to using a bespoke CMS. As well as giving you control over the development and usability, there are several benefits to choosing a custom built website compared to traditional – but often limiting – templated websites. The benefits of a custom built website were obvious for edenYale, with a strong design bringing clarity to their brand and an SEO focus helping them rank for the key areas they operate under.

From a development point of view, we concentrated heavily on ensuring all transitions were as smooth as possible. The mastermind behind the build, Harry Parton, said “Transitions are important as they allow us to speed up the loading times across the site by delaying loading large images or content until after the rest of the page has loaded, then transitioning them in without being too jarring to the user. By animating or transitioning elements in one at a time, we can draw attention to specific areas of content.”

edenYale are very pleased with their new website. In the very first week of launching, they received some excellent responses and reviews from their industry contacts. And with their business still being relatively new, their website should continue to drive their services and strengthen their brand image as they continue to grow.

Lawrence Dudley
Posted by Lawrence Dudley

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