Making virtual reality a reality

16 May 2018

Posted by Damian Stewart

Virtual reality (VR) in healthcare communications is nothing new. We’ve been to many conferences and seen VR being utilised. However, in my opinion VR was being used more like a toy; something to play with; something cool for the sake of being cool; vanity projects for people who wanted to wear a VR badge.

So, when we tasked ourselves to enhance the current VR offerings we needed to ensure we delivered something relevant; something that would be used and something that was useful. To keep us focused we created a series of rules. We pledged to adhere to these rules to guide us.

Rule 1 – It needs to be appropriate.

Rule 2 – It needs to have a meaningful narrative.

Rule 3 – It needs to work across multiple platforms.

Rule 4 – It needs to be compliant.

Rule 5 – It needs to be something we are proud of.

To hear more from about these rules, or to let our team help determine if VR is the reality for you, visit Ashfield Digital & Creative.

Damian Stewart
Posted by Damian Stewart

Damian is a senior UX specialist who has worked for many high profile clients around the world. He has been involved in the industry for over 20 years following a User Centred Design approach. He’s lead design teams creating solutions for clients including the BBC, Channel 4, Universal, Disney, Lloyds Register, Diesel Clothing, Abbott and Novartis.

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