Everything you need to know about Digital Day 2018

30 May 2018

Posted by Alise Vilsone

One day each year, we have the opportunity to change the lives of thousands of British children, improve the digital economy and create growth in the sector. This year, that day is 13th November. The event, Digital Day.

Never heard of it?

We pair digital and tech agencies with local secondary schools for a day of informative, engaging and inspirational talks and challenges. The day is low in stress for both agencies and teachers, as we prepare the resources to help students understand the digital industry.

Why is it important?

Our society is becoming increasingly reliant on the digital industry, with a current estimated shortfall of 40,000 people. Young people need to be aware of their opportunities – especially those in lower income areas, young women and minorities. In these sessions we can show young people their future options, and dispel myths around the industry.

What do schools get out of it?

A day of vital information that costs nothing but could mean everything to the students. As well as fulfilling the Gatsby Benchmark criteria for independent career guidance and meaningful encounters with employees, our challenges encourage them to think widely about problems facing the world today.

What do agencies get out of it?

Other than the warm fuzzies of inspiring the next generation of digital workers, it’s a way of giving young people better chances than many current professionals had growing up. Agencies can have a hand in shaping the destiny of students, and may even see potential future employees among the class.

What do students get out of it?

Maybe everything. Not every student will go onto a digital career, but with more awareness comes more opportunity. Last year, we saw that many students saw the digital industry as creative, innovative, and an opportunity to solve new problems. Already in their spare time students are using the internet to research gaming, new technologies, language, history, music and space – the interest is there, we just need to nurture it.

How can you get involved?

If you’re a teacher or an agency who thinks they’d like to be involved, you can find out more without signing up, and if you think you could help us to spread the word we would love to hear from you! To find out more visit Digital Day 2018 web page  or contact Alise Vilsone, BIMA Events Manager. 

Posted by Alise Vilsone

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