Digital Agencies' Secret Weapon for Winning & Retaining New Business in 2018

25 Jan 2018

Posted by Kurt Dressel

You’ve put your hat in the ring for an exciting tender. You’re prepping for the pitch of a lifetime, keen to show the client you can deliver; teasing them with value-added propositions you know they’ll find hard to resist.

Your agency has the ideas and the enviable track record to boast of, but the tender details a project that’s complex and multinational. You know you’ll need to scale up your resources for it, especially if your agency is to have any chance of meeting the testing deadline set.

What to do?

This is when offshore firms become lifesavers. And thanks to the agile approach adopted by savvy offshore outfits like Niteco, digital agencies can now have the best of both worlds – onshore thinking with offshore benefits. That’s good news for your client and even better news for you.

Still need convincing?

Here are four more reasons why outsourcing your next complex project to an offshore firm like Niteco makes good business sense:

For onshore agencies pitching for big business, commissioning the technical expertise from an offshore company enables you to present a larger, more diversified skill set to the client that includes technical architects and integration experts, without increasing your overheads. This works wonderfully for long-term projects, where consistency in personnel is a key factor for a successful outcome.

Thanks to the flexible approach to work adopted by forward-thinking offshore firms, partnering with an offshore allows you to complement existing in-house teams in an instant and without burdening an already scant training and development budget.

Onshore agencies can benefit from an international perspective simply by collaborating with an offshore. If you work with an offshore agency like Niteco which works for a variety of clients and has offices in seven locations across the globe, you will instantly benefit from insights garnered by Niteco developers.

Technological advancements mean some challenges are becoming a thing of the past. Just consider communications: the bugbear of many a product owner. Thanks to the emergence of Agile Methodology and Cloud Computing, communication obstacles have been minimized. Communication channels such as Skype and Slack are also making collaboration across time zones easier than ever.

Niteco has a long and successful track record of partnering with onshore agencies. Take, for example, a recent Episerver Commerce project Niteco completed on behalf of a UK digital agency. Approached in the summer, Niteco was tasked to build a responsive e-commerce site using Episerver. Yet this site was no bog standard Episerver Commerce project. The team of developers at Niteco custom-built a site that uses Avensia Storefront as a middle layer to connect Microsoft’s Dynamic AX with Episerver Commerce. And to guarantee a truly responsive consumer experience, our team used React Native for the User Interface.

In just four months, the team at Niteco was able to finish the site because they successfully combined the skill set of their in-house team with Niteco’s, resulting in an outstanding project outcome and a happy customer.

“The major benefit of contracting complex projects to an offshore firm is the skill set you get at your disposal,” explains Kurt Dressel, Niteco’s UK & Ireland Country Manager. “Clients who partner with us know that they’re getting highly competent developers who understand commerce and CMS and know how to resolve challenges. This insight results in a significantly reduced project delivery time, and that is good news for the bottom line.”

Niteco, the Swedish-owned software development firm, works with large enterprises based in Europe, the USA, and the Asia Pacific region. With more than 200 expert Episerver, Sitecore and Microsoft developers, Niteco can help you power any business ambition. Request an obligation-free estimation today. Your agency and clients will thank you for it.

Niteco is proud to be a sponsor of the BIMA Members’ Lunch – 12pm -5pm, Wednesday 31st January 2018 at the Heddon Street Kitchen, London. Find out more about Niteco -

Kurt Dressel
Posted by Kurt Dressel

Kurt Dressel is an experienced IT and digital technology executive with specialised knowledge of digital transformation in complex enterprises. Kurt’s supports clients in their digital transformation with his expertise in eCommerce, Customer Experience (CEX) and systems implementation and integration. Niteco is a digital consultancy with a dual-shore delivery model offering local client/partner support, while leveraging a large and diverse offshore team in our Vietnam development centres.

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