Community efforts awarded at the Dorset Business Awards

12 Dec 2016

Posted by Andrew Henning

We are proud to have received the Business Engagement with the Community award at the 2016 Dorset Business Awards, recognising our work within the community to educate the next generation on digital careers.

Sponsored by J.P. Morgan, this prestigious award was granted to us for our conference Digital Wave, our work with Digital Day, and our apprenticeship scheme. Digital Wave is a free one-day conference for 14-19 year olds, featuring guest speakers and exhibitors from a wide variety of digital backgrounds who aim to inspire students to pursue a career in digital. The second annual Digital Wave conference was held this year at the Bournemouth International Centre, playing host to around 1000 students from 25 schools and colleges in Dorset.

We also aim to inspire students through our involvement with Digital Day, an initiative set up by BIMA, of which our CEO Andrew Henning is head of the education committee. He is a driving force behind our passion for engaging the younger community in digital. Most recently we have partnered with Bournemouth School for Girls, offering them our expertise to help them complete challenges set by BIMA. Last year they were one of the winning teams, receiving prizes that included a tour of the Channel 4 News studio.

Judges also praised our partnership with Bournemouth and Poole College to offer an apprenticeship scheme. We welcomed the class of 2016/17 in September, the third group of apprentices we have seen come through our doors. Over the past three years we have seen new employees join us from every group in a number of disciplines within the company including marketing, search and performance, QA, and content. They have been tenacious individuals who are hungry for an opportunity to work in the industry and we are equally as passionate about helping them to reach their potential.

As a team, getting involved in the community and giving students opportunities is something we are really passionate about, so for it to be recognised is such a big achievement.
Michaela Dudfield, Marketing Manager at Redweb

Other competitors in the category were Rachel Scott Singing Lessons and Recording Studio in Weymouth and The Short and Sweet Company in Wimborne. Congratulations to both finalists for their involvement in the community.

Andrew Henning
Posted by Andrew Henning

Andrew is Chair of Apprenticeships for BIMA and he is the founder and CEO of Redweb. He has been in the design industry for over 25 years forming Redweb in 1997. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers. Today, Redweb has over 160 staff with a turnover of £12 million. The digital agency is proud of its Bournemouth location and ability to build an enviable client list including Cancer Research, Farrow & Ball, Department for Education, Home Office and Organix. Outside of the agency, he is a member of BIMA's Central Council and founder of the Digital Day initiative. Since 2013 the event has enabled over 10,000 school pupils to meet digital professionals whilst raising their awareness of digital careers. In Bournemouth he has created Digital Wave. A 1 day conference for young people with leading speakers from the digital industry. In 2016 over 1,000 young people attended. As Chair of the BIMA working group focused on Apprenticeships within digital, Henning's remit is to raise awareness of current schemes, dictate future policy and ensure with the new levy, that BIMA members are maximising their opportunities collectively.

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