Language is more important to enjoyment of a blog post than any other factor

11 Mar 2016

Posted by Matt Bullas

In an ongoing survey – as part of Click Consult’s continuous research and development process, clarity of language is way ahead of the competition


Click Consult has always been committed to allowing data and measurability to serve as major driving forces in how it performs its role - both for clients, and within the wider community of search marketing. As such we have been carrying out independent research into a number of factors important to the development of the industry - from self-reported audience opinions on their brand's digital performance, to the likelihood of their adoption of specific techniques and strategies.

What has come to our attention, at this stage of data analysis is how much more weight clarity of language has on the enjoyment of and likely engagement with the blogs produced every day by search marketing agencies across the UK - with 79.55% of respondents expressing that their enjoyment of a blog is either 'very' or 'extremely' influenced by language.

This may not seem too shocking and, I'm sure, for writers throughout the industry it could be taken simply as evidence for the high value of a well crafted sentence - yet, the online marketing sector is awash with the phrase 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so this level of preference, compared to the 39.77% of respondents which expressed an equally strong preference for images, it is well worth considering.

It is undeniable that visual posts earn more social engagement and are, therefore, more visible - but for agencies that seek to convey industry information, news and best practices to their audience as we do at Click, have we been underestimating the power of language as an aid to enjoyment?

Clearly all writers seek to convey information in the clearest manner we can, but often there can be a desire to ensure that blog posts are sufficiently broken up with images to cater to the attention spans of audiences which, we are told, are ever diminishing. Yet the results so far seem to suggest that contrary to standard thinking, audiences are concerned more with the clarity of information than its presentation.

Results are not yet in, of course, and so we will reserve our final judgements for when they are - but the survey is, so far, proving to be extremely interesting. Should you wish to let us know your own opinions, you can participate here.

This post was written by John Warner, Content Executive, Click Consult

Posted by Matt Bullas

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