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16 May 2017

Posted by Nicholas Baskerville

Branding workshops for leisure and sports businesses


Collaboration is the key to success. Our workshops marry your business intuition with our brand, design + UX expertise.

After a slight refocusing today we launched the latest version of our website! Throughout our four years, we’ve had a strong sense of who we are, our identity, yet we never put it down on paper. It felt right to conduct one of our workshops on ourselves and really understand our brand. It’s a highly rewarding process, taking a step back and saying who are we really? Who are we trying to help? How do we want to spend our time?

For us, there are two major elements of the process we wanted to focus on. The distillation of our message, embracing the essence of who we are as designers, as strategists and getting to the core of our vision. The second area looks back at our collection of work, what do we enjoy, what can we focus on that’s rewarding for both our clients and staff. By selecting a specialist it gives us more time to interrogate those markets and truly understand them.

We found the experience cathartic and has truly shaped our vision for the future.  So much so we want to offer the same experience for the market we work with.  So, we’re offering free workshops to any sports or leisure companies looking to improve their brand engagement or digital offering. On offer are;

Brand strategy workshop; positioning yourself for success.

UX Discovery workshop; investigating your user personas.

Customer journey workshop; optimising conversions.

There's no catch, these are the same workshops we run day in day out for our clients. They're specifically designed to help you focus on your targets and create actionable, measurable goals. Only for the moment whilst we're feeling generous they're free! You get a report at the end collating all the information in a usable form and we make more friends in the industries that matter the most to us. These workshops aren't to a room of people, they're one-to-one brand surgeries.

Focus your objectives this year, align your brand and excite your customers. Email us to schedule in your free workshop;

Why go through the hassle?

It's important to understand what's known and unknown within your business. From a brand, perspective is everyone in the organisation on the same page? Do they all believe in the same vision? On the design side, you need to know who your audience is and what drives them to take action. Even knowing something is unknown is useful as you now have the first thing to find out. Also, they're fun!

We're all about meeting clients for brutal, honest critique. It's the only way we can progress to the best of our ability. We offer a personal service, meeting often for idea and feedback sessions. The best route to growth is through a learn, build, measure cycle.

Here are the workshops explained in a little more detail below. 

Note: If you are a sports or leisure business we're currently offering any of these workshops for free.

Workshop 1: Brand strategy

In business brand is everything. It creates loyalty, it is the essence of who you are and why you do what you do. If you can align your way of seeing with your customers you have the making of brand advocacy.

Our brand strategy workshops look to align your vision. Are all your stakeholders pulling in the same direction? We get to the details of who you are in terms everyone can understand.

Whether you want to refine, create a sub-brand or start from scratch this is the workshop for you. You will learn how to position yourself for success. We provide a follow-up report of our findings as well as action points for you to take forward.

Workshop 2: UX Discovery

Our most popular workshop. We're User Experience (UX) specialists providing UX expertise to The British Library, Chinatown London, Madame Tussauds & William Hill.

We look to understand your goals & objectives before moving on to your target audience. What motivates them to take action? By unifying these two areas we create a set of specific and measurable objectives for you to focus on.

Using this process we drove a 442% increase in website traffic over 6 months for our client The Climbing Hangar. From 6,531 visitors per month up to 28,883.

Workshop 3: Jobs to be Done

One of our favourites and an opposition to the persona led method. This workshop is great for small to medium-sized businesses that don't have tonnes of customer data. Instead, they're relying on assumption. Instead, we change the conversation and focus on the performed actions. What are the 'jobs' that are done when using your product or service?

By taking this approach we mitigate troublesome assumptions and reduce risk. The end result is the same as in Discovery; a set of actionable, measurable objectives.

Workshop 4: Journey mapping

Do you know how your customers interact with your brand? How do they hear about you? What is the journey they take through the sales funnel? This workshop aims to uncover that journey.

The purpose of this workshop is to remove assumptions. The more points on the journey we can say for certain, the better we can measure them. This is important to uncover areas for improvement. Where along the journey can we create better brand advocates?

Can't I just use a template?

Here's an industry tip; templates don't work. Any website template, whether WordPress, Wix, Squarespace (there are many) is only useful to get a business off the ground cheaply.

If you give a damn about your customers then your brand and design work should be bespoke to you and them. It should be a targeted approach to improving the customer experience.

Speak to us about your place on one of our workshops. Work towards loyalty. Build a following of brand advocates who love what you do and want you to succeed.


Nicholas Baskerville
Posted by Nicholas Baskerville

I am a marketing and business development professional. I like to think I know a bit about brands + business growth. Businesses are ideas, delivered and driven by people. To understand business is to understand people and what motivates them to bring about success. Our marketplace is our playground, my role is to influence the gameplay to ensure we win. I create targetted campaigns driven by innovation and most importantly, results. It is what has led me to set up my own business, Constellations. An award-winning event space - stone throw away from Kitsune, where I apply the same logic and expertise for the design and branding world. This unique combination of experience offers me an incredible insight into the events and leisure industries.

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