BIMA 100

BIMA's annual showcase of 100 of the digital industry's brightest stars


The BIMA 100 celebrates the people who are shaping the British digital industry. They are the thought leaders, changemakers, disruptors and pioneers. They’re established figures within the industry who continue to change and influence their sector. And they’re ‘ones to watch’ – new innovators in their chosen digital space who are making everyone else sit up and take notice.

Each year, the people who comprise the BIMA 100 are people who have created a ‘wow’ factor. They’ve gone above and beyond the norm. They’ve challenged convention. Or they’ve given us a unique approach to age-old challenges.


Who can nominate/be nominated?

Any BIMA member can nominate someone for the BIMA 100. The person you nominate does not have to be a BIMA member.

When do nominations open?

Nominations for the BIMA 100 open each February.

How do I nominate?

Nominations are made by online application.

Who decides?

We invite a selection of industry experts to judge the nominations. The chair and judges change each year, so if you’d like to be considered for a judge’s role, please let us know.

The Ceremony

Each May, the BIMA 100 is announced at a prestigious ceremony in London. It’s one of the biggest nights in the digital industry’s calendar, attended by (amongst others) the 100, judges and the new inductee(s) to the BIMA Hall of Fame, who are also announced and interviewed on the night.

The full list of BIMA 100 members is published on the evening in hard copy and digital formats.


  1. CEOs & Leaders
    People whose outstanding leadership of an organisation has created an environment where their people are genuinely leading the charge in defining the future of our industry. Open to all sorts: big, small, tech to creatives, consultancies to brands etc.
  2. Client/Supplier Relationship Stars
    People whose energy and ideas have led to new and different ways of working with their clients or suppliers (open to nominations from either side of the client/supplier fence), delivering profitable growth for both organisations: the client and the supplier.
  3. Creative Stars
    People whose digitally creative ideas have made (or are set to make) a category-defining splash; or have surprised or delighted or have done something for a brand or its customers that no one else has done.
  4. Champions for Good
    People who have utilised their professional skills or resources to achieve social good, within or outside of the industry and their day job.
  5. Entrepreneurs
    People who have invented or launched something that is set to significantly progress or disrupt an industry as we know it.
  6. Industry Visionaries
    People whose flair for - and commitment to - innovation has influenced the brand or the business where they work, leading to significant, measurable change in the organisation and setting a new bar within their sector.
  7. Rising Stars
    Celebrating the future leaders of our industry. Open to nominations of people 30-years-old or younger, who are earmarked for success. The ‘ones to watch’ – either because of their impact in the organisation where they work, or because their ideas and their work are having a wider impact in the world.
  8. Tech Trailblazers
    People who are using emerging technology to bring innovative ideas to life - to create digital and physical experiences in the real world; and/or people who are using data in ground-breaking ways to enable new services.
  9. UX & Design Stars
    People who design the products, services and experiences that are pushing the boundaries of what we have previously held to be possible.
  10. Talent Champions
    People who have done something significant to bring new and/or more diverse talent into the industry or who have made their organisation or the wider industry a more attractive destination for talent.

BIMA 100 Class of 2018

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