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The BIMA Tech Council reformed and restarted in 2019 under new co-chairs who drastically reduced the size of the council to expedite the definition of new core principles and creation of value for BIMA members. Their mission is to assemble and invigorate the UK’s current and future tech leaders. Their vision for 2020 is that we will forge a diverse and dynamic UK-wide tech community and provide a collaborative forum for sharing skills and lessons learned.


Alastair Cole, Innovation speaker, writer & judge

For two decades Alastair has delivered digital innovation for brands including Google, Apple, E.ON, Tesco and Barclays. Over the years he’s built numerous rapid prototypes, provided 2048-bit military-level encryption, and helped three independent agencies to successful acquisition through the development of proprietary technology.

At ENGINE, Alastair drives projects through the agency’s prototype studio, building solutions for clients in weeks rather than months. Before ENGINE he was a Partner at Essence and Head of the Creative Services Practice EMEA.

He’s won awards for technology and innovation from Econsultancy, BIMA, Ocean Outdoor and the IPA, and is a judge for Campaign, the DMA and The Big Chip.

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Lindsay Herbert, Inventor & Innovation Leader, IBM iX

Lindsay has received international praise for her book Digital Transformation. Its practical and direct approach to innovation dispels the myths behind the business world’s most infamous buzzword and reflects her core belief that true digital transformation means to become more adaptive to change itself.

Among Lindsay’s IBM inventions is IBM Instant Checkout, a groundbreaking system that detects shop items without needing to individually scan them and then enables quick, secure payment.

As a keynote speaker, Lindsay draws upon her own insider insights leading major innovation and change with a diverse set of brands, including the UN, Shell, BlackRock, World Wildlife Fund and the NHS.

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