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To continually strive to engender productive conversations, action and interaction between government, academia and students so that BIMA can positively impact the employability of relevant graduates.

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If we are to ensure the digital talent pipeline delivers, we need to ensure that students  leave education not only with the skills employers need, but also with the experiences and understanding that improve their employability.

The BIMA Education Council connects government, academia, students and agencies. We’re ensuring students are ready for the workplace on graduation and that university courses are fit for purpose. We’re supporting better funding opportunities for post-grads. And we’re working to ensure that government policy delivers the right changes to our university ecosystem.


Lawrence Zeegen, Dean of the School of Design at Ravensbourne University London

Professor Lawrence Zeegen is Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Enterprise at Ravensbourne University London, leading the Institute for Creativity and Technology in the new Design District on the Greenwich Peninsula. The institute encompasses GradSchool, a postgraduate school across design and media disciplines, CreativeLab, an in-house design and production studio, the Research Office, a hub of funded research projects across artificial intelligence, virtual and mixed realities, smart cities and wearable tech and Incubation+, an incubator for fifty tech start-ups.Lawrence has taught and lectured internationally in over 20 countries. His design and illustration clients include major international newspapers, magazines, book publishers, design studios and advertising agencies. Lawrence is the author of nine published books on graphic arts, including Fifty Years of Illustration and Ladybird by Design and is contributor to numerous publications.

Lawrence is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Design Council Sounding Board, trustee of both the De Le Warr Pavilion and the Creative Conscious Awards and a former trustee of D&AD. Lawrence has twice been appointed to the Executive Board of ico-D, the International Council of Design.

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