Diversity and Inclusion Council

We aim to lead the charge on making the digital industry a place we all want to work.

About the council

We want a digital industry we can feel proud of – one that is as forward thinking in the way in deals with issues of diversity and inclusion as it is with technology. The BIMA Diversity & Inclusion Council was established to ensure we lead the charge.


Whether challenging racism or sexual harassment, eliminating the gender pay bias, or creating positive workspaces where everyone feels valued, we’re working with organisations and individuals to make the digital industry a place we all want to work.

Council Chair

Nadya Powell, Co-Founder at Utopia

Nadya is on a mission to deliver business change by harnessing the power of creative thinking. As the co-founder of Utopia she is doing exactly that – Utopia is a culture change consultancy that ‘Re-wires Business for Age of Creativity’.

Nadya is also the co-founder of Innovation Social which is an affiliation of innovation leaders from agency, brand and startup worlds who believe that innovation will disrupt UK business for the better.

Additionally, she co-founded two Diversity networks and initiatives, including the Great British Diversity Experiment which seeks to drive diversity in communications.

In addition to her seat on BIMA’s central council, Nadya is on the Advisory Council of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and this year was a judge for the Cannes Innovation Lions.

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Council Members