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Connecting third sector organisations who want to be more digital with best-in-class agencies and private sector companies.

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At Cancer Research UK, digital transformation means more than just getting better at email marketing and social media. We believe true digital transformation fundamentally rewrites an organisation’s DNA, changing its ways of working, mindset and culture.

We’ve set up the BIMA charities council to help connect incredible charities with best in class private sector organisations. We want every charity to become a more digital organisation, regardless of their size, reach or income.

So if you want to work with us to shape the digital agenda for the third sector, and use the power of digital transformation to help amazing causes make the world a better place, then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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Chris Flood, Content Strategy Lead at Cancer Research UK

As Cancer Research UK’s Content Strategy Lead, Chris helps the charity create content that hits the sweet spot between user needs, business needs, and what’s possible with the resources available. He has over 10 years’ experience working with digital and print content across the private, agency and charity sectors. And has delivered copywriting projects, large scale content strategies and everything in between.

He believes content works best when it’s relentlessly focused on user needs, and has the processes, structures and workflows it needs to scale. View profile

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Giulia Merlo, Head of User Research and Design at Citizens Advice

Giulia is passionate about changing the way the charity sector uses technology.

With a background in digital marketing and product development, Giulia has helped deliver digital transformation strategies in both the private and public sector. She currently leads a team of change agents at Cancer Research UK, who are the driving force behind the charity’s journey to embed lean, agile and user-centred ways of working.

Giulia is also a champion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and a passionate advocate for women in technology. She is one of the 2018 BIMA 100, and was recently shortlisted in the Transformation Leader category for the Women in IT Excellence awards 2018.

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