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Do you want digital change that creates business growth? But does the day job keep getting in the way? Is your in-tray overflowing? Do you have daily fires to fight? Strategic digital change is not an option, it’s a necessity to survive. Now you can fight back against the day job. Our unique process creates continuous improvement and business growth backed by data. We call it The Techdept Bootcamp™ and it creates momentum, continuous improvement and growth. We really like those awkward projects that you don’t know how to progress and require close liaison with IT and different departments. Think of us as your tech special ops team. Rapid response, inter-disciplinary and focused on results. Our team knows how hard it is to make new technology that works strategically. Since 2004 we've been making custom tech for leading brands, built our own digital products and invested in several tech startups. And we've had our fingers burnt many times.​ ​ We learnt our lessons the hard way, so you don’t have to. Our recipe for success is rapid strategy followed by measurable action. Then repeat. Check out our event series The Tech Off "The Lovechild of TED talks and WWE"​ Learn more at
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Sheffield, United Kingdom

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10 Tech Buzzwords Marketers Need To Know
By Jess Rowley, 23 Jul 2015
As the world gets more digital, it can become more and more bamboozling for traditional marketeers. It’s like learning a whole new language, that of a ‘marketing technologist’ . This brave new world comes complete with a brand new ...

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