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ASP.NET Web Development, Xamarin apps, Microsoft Azure cloud computing.

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With a Microsoft Gold certified for Application Development we consult on Microsoft Azure (cloud computing platform) and are specialist programmers producing bespoke ASP.NET web applications and Xamarin Apps. Talk to us about one of your projects by emailing or calling 020 8739 0030. All our staff are all full-time committed developers and excel in their programming knowledge and problem solving abilities. We are forward looking with regards to web technology, challenging and evolving both ourselves and our clients in order to produce better and more effective responsive and content managed websites, platforms, eCommerce sites, booking engines, portals, and mobile applications.
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By Natalie Wiggins, 8 May 2017
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By Natalie Wiggins, 4 Apr 2017
Re-brand for Webigence web development company
By Simon Wilkinson, 12 Feb 2016
As an ASP.NET web development company based in London, we obviously believe the web is an important, growing and ever changing entity so it was about we updated our own website and branding to reflect the clients we work with and ...
Web Development and Web Design: What's the difference?
By Simon Wilkinson, 24 Jun 2015
When it comes to web development and web design, many people don't realise quite how big a difference there is between the two. And if building websites  is  not your business then it's not really surprising you wouldn't know the ...
F# vs C# - what is this programming key change all about?
By Natalie Wiggins, 16 Mar 2015
At Webigence we currently use C# coding for all the programming we do now. C# is the main ASP.NET programming languages and generally regarded one of the best programming languages available. However, we are just getting into using ...

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