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Artefact is a marketing agency rooted in data. We use data and AI methodologies to enhance our client's digital marketing activation.

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At Artefact we unlock the power of data by harnessing technology and AI to drive innovation that delivers real business impact. Our rich data insights change perceptions, reach real people and create meaningful results that transform business. Our talented team of 1500+ Marketing Engineers – from across our global independent network of 25 offices in 19 countries - does just this. From data scientists to technology consultants, data analysts to project management, digital performance specialists to media strategists, we all have just one goal – to transform marketing via the application of data and technology. We’re a next-generation agency, who are designed for today’s complex digital economy. Uniquely structured, our consultative, data-first approach is laser-focused on fuelling our clients’ future growth. The future is not a race of Man versus Machine, but about embracing a symbiotic partnership; entwining creativity with engineering to drive innovation and disrupt the status quo. As a critical marketing partner for growth, we deliver transformative outcomes everyday for our clients. Data and technology are more than just the ingredients to deliver transformational business impact. They’re an obsession. They’re our obsession.
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