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Atomic Smash

Atomic Smash is a specialist WordPress and WooCommerce studio based in Bristol.

About us

Atomic Smash is a specialist WordPress and WooCommerce studio based in Bristol. We are working more and more with businesses and organisations who require continuous design and development on their online platforms. Websites are becoming more intelligent and more integrated into businesses and marketing systems than ever before. Our technical knowledge helps us to allow our clients to keep all their systems integrated and continuously improve the end users experience of the platform/website. WordPress and WooCommerce are quickly being adopted by some of the big sites online and it is now seen as an enterprise level solution. Our team is made up of designers and developers who love working on the Internet to continuously improve it. We specialise in using OpenSource and Morden Web Technologies to ensure our clients get a great product. We strive to give people within our company space and time to develop their own skills in areas that interests them. We have a great working culture and are very excited about how the Internet is going to change the world further in the next 5 - 10 years. Services that we offer include: Wordpress Design & Development WooCommerce Design & Development Continuous Delivery and Integration High Spec Hosting and Restoration Solutions Some of our clients include: Bristol Festival of Ideas In Between Time Spike Island Whitechapel Gallery 38 Degrees Little White Lies Magazine Positive News Magazine The Alpine Garden Society Oxygen Freejumping
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Bristol, United Kingdom

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