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TRCmedia is a high-end training provider for Digital and TV based in Glasgow.

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TRC is one of the top training providers in the UK for Digital and TV, with an enviable reputation for producing industry-led programmes that deliver impact and results. From our inception in 1998, we have delivered an innovative slate of successful training initiatives designed to tackle industry needs. The breadth of our support has reached across TV, games, software, advertising, digital marketing, CG animation, second screen, social networking, apps and publishing. We have rich experience of working with creative leaders, entrepreneurs, television and digital media creatives across the industry. From rising stars refreshing the industry’s supply chain to senior executives adapting their business models, TRC has transformed the career prospects and business ambitions of its beneficiaries. New start-ups have been established, international business secured, skills shortages tackled, business strategies reframed and invaluable networks established. Arguably one of the most important outcomes of TRC’s work is the innovative new thinking combined with heightened ambition of our delegates which has led to increased confidence in their future business prospects. TRC has a particular awareness and understanding of the skills and business challenges in the UK creative media sector, having specialised in this area for almost 20 years (our big birthday is in 2018!) Our international credentials are also strong, having regularly delivered bespoke business-building trips to New York, Washington, LA, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Toronto, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Sydney.
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