BIMA Beyond | The Conference

28 September 2023

BIMA Beyond | The Conference

28 September 2023

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BIMA Beyond

Break free from the day-to-day grind and step into a world of endless opportunity and inspiration at BIMA Beyond 2023 on Thursday 28 September.

Hosted by Mary Keane-Dawson, award-winning Business Leader, Coach & Mentor; and Simon Gill, EVP, Global Client Business Transformation at MRM, BIMA Beyond offers industry-leading insight and inspiration as our expert speakers guide you through alternative perspectives that will help you better serve your future and unlock business advantage through looking at the world differently.

In seemingly uncertain times, fuelled by rapidly advancing technology, evolving business models and audiences ever changing expectations, it can all feel too much. However, the superpower we have, as a creative and technology community, is to think differently, and BIMA has curated a stellar programme to help hone this skill. We’ve pulled together a group of thinkers, doers, and users to challenge and inspire you in equal measure, in what we can do in the here & now that will have a real impact on your team and clients.

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Who should come to BIMA Beyond?

We specifically curate the experience for the whole community. Whether you’re a CEO or an intern, this event is for those who see the value in looking ahead. It’s about refreshing that mindset and drive to achieve more, to skill up, to grow your culture and not be beholden to a busy schedule. Expect to meet creatives, technologists, strategists, senior leaders and people in junior roles. It’s more about the desire to understand the bigger picture and meet other like minded people than what’s in your job spec.

BIMA Beyond is about being together; it’s as much about our vibrant community as it is about the brilliant content. And you’ll have some fun of course. It’s a conference in a nightclub!

BIMA Beyond | The Conference

What to expect?

Expect to be pulled away from your day-to-day role and get to grips with innovation and trends expected in the next 12 months. You will hear from thinkers, doers and users who will lead you on a journey beyond your typical day, providing valuable insights into the bigger opportunities that await us in the digital world.

But this isn’t just about the content – it’s about being part of a community, forging new connections, and strengthening existing ones.

Don’t expect to be lonely. Don’t expect your usual venue!

Download our 2023 BIMA Beyond Agenda.

Why come?

At BIMA we think it’s vital to step away from the routine now and again. Whether you’re an intern or a CEO, this event is for anyone who sees the value in looking ahead. It’s about the mindset and drive to achieve more, despite the busy schedules.

We also know it’s about being together…as everything is with BIMA. It’s as much about the community as it is the content.

Who is it for?

We want to create an experience that caters to the entire community. This is less about targeting roles and levels of seniority. It’s more about the people who have the drive to exceed expectations and go beyond their job descriptions. Interns to CEOs… it’s about the type of person you are, not the role or salary you have.


The 2023 conference is on Thursday 28 September.

Download our 2023 BIMA Beyond Agenda.


Ministry Venues – Elephant (London).

2023 Conference Speakers:
Michael Farmer
Award-winning Author, Chairman & CEO of Farmer & Company LLC
Graeme Blake
Founder & CEO of Blutui
Patricia McDonald
Chief Strategy Officer at Dentsu Creative
Alex Murrell
Strategy Director at Epoch
Jack Constantine
Chief Digital Officer at Lush; and 2023 BIMA Hall of Fame inductee
Katherine Templar-Lewis
Founder of Kinda Studios and Lead Scientist for Uncertainty Experts
James Cannings
Chief Sustainability Officer at MSQ
Anthony Pond
UX Director at Territory Studio
Steph Marques
Head of UX at Bernadette
Iva Johan
Head of Strategy at Bernadette
Tom Hall
Founder at Contented Brothers
Carla Faria
Executive Coach and Ex MD of The Foundry
Alberta Soranzo
VP of Global Customer Experience at Sage
Jo Kane
Director and Microsoft Partnership Lead UKI at Kyndryl
Jayen Parmar
Deputy Head of DDaT, Digital Solutions & Innovation Lead at The College of Policing
Amy Kean
Creative Sociologist, Strategist, Poet, bestselling Author, CEO and Creative Director of Good Shout; and 2023 BIMA Hall of Fame inductee

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