B-suite Bootcamp

Bring your whole self to leadership

Whether or not you’re new to leadership, it can still feel like a daily challenge – especially in this fast-paced, hybrid world. Maybe you’ve progressed quickly and don’t always feel ready for management. Or perhaps leading your peers leaves you caught between being a friend and a manager.

Congratulations – you’ve reached the so-called ‘B-Suite’: the mission-critical middle layer of the agency. When you’re not ‘managing up’, the reality is that your clients and team often look to you to have all the answers. And even though nobody does, that doesn’t always stop imposter syndrome from creeping in.

Thankfully, BIMA’s B-Suite Bootcamp is here to help.


What is B-Suite Bootcamp?

B-Suite Bootcamp is BIMA’s Group Mentoring programme for future leaders and new managers. It’s designed to help you feel more confident and capable in your role.

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How does it work

For six weeks, from 26th September, you’ll be part of an inspiring group with a common cause – to explore and solve your shared challenges.

Each week, we’ll co-create a new step in your personalised Game Plan – from setting goals and changing mindsets, to building habits and overcoming hurdles.

What you will get
  • Six energising workshops, designed around your own priorities
  • Personalised Game Plan for success, including relevant tools and techniques
  • Access to the Bootcamp WhatsApp community and mentoring app
  • Content tips for deeper learning.

You’ll finish the Bootcamp with everything you need to thrive – a refreshed mindset, practical tools and a supportive new network of peers.

  • Six weekly 90 minute workshops (via Zoom)
  • 11am to 12.30pm each Monday
  • Starts 26th September and finishes 31st October
  • £1,195 per person for BIMA members (£1,495 for non-members)

Please note that places are limited.

Your mentors

The B-Suite Bootcamp is delivered by Robin Bonn and Inga Umblija of agency transformation specialist, Co:definery.

Robin Bonn is a coach, mentor and consultant. He founded Co:definery in 2016 to help agency leaders evolve their business models. He’s also the co-chair of BIMA’s Future Growth council, a columnist for Marketing Week and a mentor for SheSays.

Inga Umblija is a coach, consultant and Master Manifester who believes in a life of abundance and possibility. She uses her rich toolkit to help her clients journey towards their highest truth and a life that reflects their highest potential.