BIMA and FutureLearn Partnership

BIMA and FutureLearn have established a new partnership to support BIMA members’ learning and development

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Financial support to create new online courses

BIMA and FutureLearn are partnering to invest £50k into the BIMA community using the FutureLearn Industry Engagement Fund.

We will use this fund to support BIMA members to create five new cutting edge digital skills online courses. Each successful BIMA member will receive £10k to deliver all course requirements.

These courses will then be available to BIMA members on the FutureLearn platform for free.

They will also be included on the FutureLearn platform for the public and therefore be available to FutureLearn’s global audience of learners.

We’re looking for experts ready to share their skills and knowledge by creating a short online course that will be relevant to other BIMA members and the wider public. We are open to suggestion but are keen to receive ideas around our key focus areas: Immersive, AI, Digital Marketing, Digital Storytelling, Content  Design and Data.




FutureLearn is a leading social learning platform formed in December 2012 by The Open University and is now jointly owned by The Open University and The SEEK Group. FutureLearn has over 11 million people signed up worldwide. FutureLearn uses design, technology and partnerships to create enjoyable, credible and flexible short online courses, microcredentials, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that improve working lives.


We are looking for course ideas that feel relevant with some evidence of learner demand. We are looking for courses of around 2-6 hours of learning that have a very practical focus on the skills and knowledge needed in our sector. We have picked out some broad categories but we are also interested in what you think will meet demand and will provide real value to learners.



FutureLearn is looking to work directly with industry practitioners, as well as its large number of educational partners.

They are looking for people or teams that are an authority or subject matter expert and that can provide evidence of work you have done in the field, and evidence of ability to deliver to quality and to time.




The application process will open on May 18th and will close June 1st 2020.

The decision on which courses to commission will be made by FutureLearn by June 22nd.

Contracting and onboarding will take place w/c June 25th.

Course creation will start on July 1st.

BIMA and FutureLearn will agree a timeline with each successful applicant based on the production plan for each course.


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What is the process I will need to go through to create the online course?
  • Idea refinement with FutureLearn and BIMA – we will work with you to ensure your course idea works for the audiences we have in mind and collaboratively make any necessary tweaks.
  • Learning design and creation of course outline – we will give you the tools necessary to design and prepare a course outline that will be the blueprint for your course and can take advantage of social learning pedagogy
  • Authoring of course content – we will give you a manuscript tool that you can directly author in and that will ensure the smoothest journey to final course on the platform.
  • Production of media – we will give you guidance as to how to produce effective learning media
  • Upload of content – all final content to be uploaded to FutureLearn using the Course Creator backend tool.
  • Quality Assurance – FutureLearn will QA your course to ensure it meets the required technical and accessibility standards required.
What and how would I be paid for creating the course?

A fee of £10,000 will be paid for a two week long course, delivering approximately four hours of learning in total. Payment will be upfront to support course development.

In addition to the upfront fee course creators will receive a royalty share of 35% on all sales.

Who owns the IP of the course?

IP is owned by course creator(s). Course creator(s) must own all assets used in the course etc. FutureLearn will ask for an in-perpetuity licence to market/sell the course for as long as it is on the platform.

What support is available?

FutureLearn will support the learning design process and will provide a number of check in surgeries across the course production timeline where we can provide advice on production methods and best use of the platform.

Can I collaborate?

We welcome applications from more than one individual or organisation but the fee of £10k per course remains the same.

Who are the courses aimed at?

These courses are aimed at those who are already practitioners in their field but are looking to take the next step up in their career. We should be providing the learner with a demonstrable new skill they can learn in the few hours of their time we have.

How will my course be branded?

On the FutureLearn platform your course will be branded to learners as co-created by BIMA and your own organisation. Learners will be able to click on your logo and be sent to your organisational URL.

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