BIMA Conference and Awards 2020

The Future Needs Leaders, Thinkers, Creators and Pioneers

22 September 2020 | IET London Savoy Place. Register Interest.


The Only Way to Learn What’s Really Next

BIMA Conference brings together a renowned roster of scientists, journalists, business leaders and futurists for inspirational keynotes, insightful masterclasses and practical showcases of the latest technology. Together with experts from across BIMA’s councils and think tanks, they’ll be exploring our greatest challenges and considering where the next opportunities in digital and tech lie. On the same evening as the conference, the long standing BIMA Awards ceremony will take place

Celebrate with Us

The BIMA Awards  take place on the evening of the conference. Our BIMA Awards are the longest standing and most prestigious digital awards in the UK. We seek to support and encourage the work in the British digital sector that is pushing the limits of what is possible, making a difference in business, culture and society. These awards represent the pinnacle of the digital revolution. To win a BIMA award is a prestigious honour and earmarks your organisation as one of an elite few moving the game on and the digital economy forward.

You can be part of it. 

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BIMA Conference

BIMA Conference Highlights 2019

Stuart, Founder & Creative Director, PRELOADED

Conferences like this are really important. This is about setting the agenda for what technology might mean for society, for the workplace, for the entertainment industry and for the education space.” Phil 

Phil Stuart, PRELOADED

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