Lessons From The Future, 18 September 2019, IET London, Savoy Place

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People, technology and what’s next for your business.


Whenever we talk about tech, its benefits always seem just around the corner. The reality, however, is that you don’t need to wait to bring the future to your business. At the BIMA Conference, you’ll learn what’s achievable now.

Lessons from the Future brings together acknowledged experts from across BIMA’s councils and think tanks as well as some of the industry’s biggest gamechangers for a series of inspirational stories and practical masterclasses, built on three themes:

The Future of Experience will examine new approaches to customer experience, personalisation, service and product design across sectors including health, manufacturing, retail, travel and more. And we’ll ask how companies can deliver richer experiences that exceed the expectations of increasingly sophisticated consumers.

The Future of Collaboration will explore the tech and dynamics behind how humans and machines will work together. It will consider the nature of team collaborations, new economic models and the nature of work itself. 

The Future of Communication will examine what’s in store for automation, authenticity and trust.

Dive deeper

  • We'll kick off each theme with an inspirational keynote
  • Then, take a deeper dive using masterclasses, case studies and explorations to consider how Ai, blockchain, talent, diversity and more will influence each theme, and affect you
  • Use The Future of Networking to get closer to the experts during breaks

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  5. BIMA Member Bundle - Awards Ceremony and Conference
    £400 + VAT
  6. BIMA Non Member Bundle - Awards Ceremony and Conference
    £500 + VAT
  7. BIMA Awards Ceremony - Member
    £250 + VAT
  8. BIMA Awards Ceremony - Non Member
    £299 + VAT

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