Charles Parkinson, Director Unity and Motion

1 Nov 2018

Posted by Rachel Johnson

Rising Stars Finalist

I have been able to connect with progressive like minded people who are all continuing to have a positive impact on our industry Charles

1. Describe how it felt to be named as one of the BIMA 100?

It was a huge honour to be named amongst my peers who are shaping the future of the digital sector. To be voted by leaders in the industry and recognised for my impact so far was very rewarding. It helped inspire me to continue helping our sector move forward.

2. What’s the single biggest impact being part of the BIMA 100 has had on you?

It has allowed me to connect with others who are passionate about making progressive change in the industry. It’s a way to connect with a community of people that have been recognised over the years for their contribution to digital. It opens up opportunities for collaborations and I’ve made some good friends along the way.

3. How have you benefitted from interacting with other BIMA 100 members?

I organised a dinner for my fellow winners in the rising stars category and this led to building new relationships with people making waves at an early stage in their career along with meeting more likeminded through the guests they invited. The continued benefit of these relationships progressing in the future has huge potential for the industry in years to come.

4. Complete the sentence: I would recommend nominating someone you know for the BIMA 100 because…

The knock on effect of being recognised and awarded for their efforts can make real change for their lives, the organisations future and our industry as whole.

5. Complete the sentence: Being a part of the BIMA 100 has been an invaluable experience because…

I have been able to connect with progressive like-minded people who are all continuing to have a positive impact on our industry. Through the BIMA 100 alumni there will always be a strong connection to allow future collaborations. 

Rachel Johnson
Posted by Rachel Johnson

Rachel has recently joined BIMA having worked for more than 20 years in the world of Marketing. Rachel has many impressive client, charity and agency-side results to her credit and stories to tell. As both a team player and independent advisor, Rachel loves to see the bigger picture and is a strong strategic thinker. She has led ambitious projects for start-ups, worked alongside growing businesses and has been fortunate to work with some of the UK’s most respected and renowned agencies. A self-motivated original thinker, Rachel is also an extremely able marketer. She brings out the best in people at all levels. Her wealth of transferable skills includes project management – often with direct budgetary control - results-driven commercial awareness, proven networking strengths, digital marketing expertise and broad IT literacy. However, her achievements do not end there! In her spare time, she makes full-use of her Cumbrian home-town environment, walking, biking and running, and spending time as an enthusiastic side-line rugby and football mum for her two boys – Louie and Harley.

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